Renee’s Garden – The Garden To Table Seed Company

The Best Heirloom & Gourmet Vegetable, Flower & Herb Seeds Source: Renee's Garden - The Garden To Table Seed Company


Lifestyles | Human brain hard-wired for rural tranquility

Humans may be hard-wired to feel at peace in the countryside and confused in cities – even if they were born and raised in an urban area. Source: Human brain hard-wired for rural tranquillity

Herbology | Sambong

Sambong, also known as ‘Blumea balsamifera’, ‘Lakad-bulan’, ‘Blumea campho’r, ‘Dalapo’t  and many more name,s grows all over in the tropics of Asia and in the Phillipines where sambong is well known as a powerful healing agent. Sambong has been used effectively in Asia for treating all kinds of health challenges for hundreds of years. In [...]

Green News | 90% of Plastic Waste in the Ocean Comes from China and Africa, but Climate Activists Focus Blame on the West. Only 38% of Americans Now Believe in Man-Made Global Warming

A study has found that 90% of plastic waste in oceans comes from Asia and Africa. Meanwhile, Westerners are being told to alter their lifestyles and have fewer children to save the planet, and nothing is being said about the countries primarily responsible. Source: 90% of Plastic Waste in the Ocean Comes from China and [...]

Theater | ‘Felix Starro’ brings a Filipino story of faith and undocumented immigration to off-Broadway, By Lakshmi Gandhi

“I am drawn to the story is because it is not just about a faith healer, but it is about what it means to leave everything that you know alone,” writer Jessica Hagedorn said.Writer Jessica Hagedorn and composer Fabian Obispo did not realize that they were setting a milestone with their new musical “Felix Starro” [...]

Law of Attraction | Creating Money by Magnetizing Yourself to It

In your process of magnetization, you may visualize different images of money flowing to you, you may think different kinds of affirmations and you may move your body in different ways to feel yourself magnetizing money. You may do a lot more in the first time to get yourself into the feeling place. The next [...]

NY Times | “She Was Filipino Food’s Greatest Champion. Now, Her Work Is Finding New Fans.”

Years after her death, the writer Doreen Gamboa Fernandez is gaining a following among Filipino-American chefs for the way she explored the cuisine from the bottom up. Source:

In Celebration of America’s Day of Independence – July 4, 2019

May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right. — Peter Marshall HAPPY 4TH OF JULY TO ALL OUR AMERICAN FRIENDS! Enjoy an amazing day full of food, family and fireworks. But don't forget what made America one of the greatest [...]

The Largest Pride Celebration in Southeast Asia is in the Region’s Most Catholic Country

Thousands marched in the Philippines in solidarity with the LGBTQ community.Source:

Permaculture Garden Produces 7000 Pounds of Organic Food Per Year on a Tenth of an Acre

Family grows 7000 pounds of organic food per year on a tenth of an acre, supplying 90 percent of their diet… They spend less than $2 per day per person on other kitchen staples and make over $20,000 a year selling excess produce Fifteen minutes from downtown Los Angeles, just […] Source: Permaculture Garden Produces [...]

Energy Update | June 22, 2019

Cancer season is all about embracing these gifts and traits, tapping into our emotions and getting deeper. Moving from the social, communicative and extrovert energy of Gemini, this allows us to get to know our own and other's emotions better. We also tap into the energy of the Great Mother: the nurturer, healer and the [...]

Film | New Fil-Am musical ‘Nanay Ko’ pushes for diversity on US big screen

With the success of movies such as 'Crazy Rich Asians,' a group of filmmakers believe the world is ready for a uniquely Filipino-American story that anyone can relate to.  [...] Source: New Fil-Am musical ‘Nanay Ko’ pushes for diversity on US big screen