About Us


From the very beginning, the University of the Philippines (UP) was conceived, designed, and destined to be the Philippines’ national university—where the best and the brightest minds are honed and trained, and where nuggets of crude unpolished ideas are carefully uncovered and painstakingly transformed into golden pearls of knowledge and technologies. This strong foundation creates building blocks for the Philippines’ national development and the keys to promoting human welfare for the benefit of the country’s people.

As successful UP alumni now residing in the Sacramento Valley, UPAASV’s members continue to propagate UP’s mission and values.  Our activities focus on educating our American-born children and the communities influencing them about all aspects of our Filipino cultural heritage. We are committed to the principles and values of personal and professional competence, academic freedom, social justice, diversity and nationalism.  As an organization, we emphasize excellence in education and careers in the service of humanity.

2017-18 Officers

President – Alfred Aquino, DVM

VP/Pres-Elect – Susan Castillo

Secretary – Janice Shiu, PhD

Treasurer – Juanito Regadio

Public Relations  – Jun and Faina Abaya

Auditor – Anita Felix


Board of Directors

Beatriz Alo

Art Calindas

Cecilio Felix

Albert Guevara


Committee Chairs

Joe Gonzalez – Ways and Means

Crisanta Galinato – Events

Pete dela Cruz – Music



Victoria Generao, PhD



Aida Calindas

Teodora Generao

Alma Guevara