Food and Health | Best Herbs for Digestion + 3 Easy Recipes

Learn about three herbal properties that are often helpful when our normal digestive balance is off-kilter— bitters, aromatics, and demulcents. Source: Best Herbs for Digestion + 3 Easy Recipes


Energy Update | June 18, 2019

We are made up of not only our physical body, but also our subtle body and causal body. Within our subtle body we have the energy that keeps us alive. Prana is the life force energy that flows through the Nadis and there are three main nadis: Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. Ida is the Nadi [...]

Foodstyles | How To Make Pumpkin Seed Milk

Make this delicious recipe with only 4-ingredients! Stop by the website for an even better pumpkin seed milk conditioner recipe for your hair!   Recipe Ingredients: 1 cup raw, hulled pumpkin seeds 3 cups distilled or purified water 2 teaspoons maple syrup 1 teaspoon vanilla Don't forget to soak your seeds overnight before making [...]

Film | New Fil-Am musical ‘Nanay Ko’ pushes for diversity on US big screen

With the success of movies such as 'Crazy Rich Asians,' a group of filmmakers believe the world is ready for a uniquely Filipino-American story that anyone can relate to.  [...] Source: New Fil-Am musical ‘Nanay Ko’ pushes for diversity on US big screen

Current Events | Following PH’s lead, Indonesia ships back imported waste to North America

Indonesia has returned 5 containers of rubbish to the United States, officials said Saturday, the latest Southeast Asian country to return imported waste. Source: Following PH’s lead, Indonesia ships back imported waste to North America

Energy Update | June 13, 2019

Archangel Gabriel is the Messenger of God and is all about our communication, messages, children and embodies both the sacred feminine and masculine. This means that Archangel Gabriel can feel both masculine and feminine. This angel is also connected to the Moon, intuition and creativity. Gabriel means "God is my strength". Archangels help and guide [...]

BAYANI: First Pinoy 2D fighting game features characters based on Rizal, Bonifacio, etc.

According to a report by Lei Alviz on  "24 Oras", the heroes include Joe, who is based on Jose Rizal. Like Rizal, he is a fencer with special powers involving books. Lolang Tsora, based on Melchora Aquino or Tandang Sora, has magic. Tonio, based on Antonio Luna, has physical strength, while Leon, based on Emilio [...]

Farmer Gives 20 Lambs To Sanctuary As He Can’t Face Slaughtering Them

The Devon farmer realized he was 'too upset' to have the animals killed after finding the journey to the slaughterhouse too hard - and instead decided to let them live out their days in peace  [...] Source:

The Philippines is inundated by 10 million mangoes. Now, the country has to figure out what to do with them

The Philippines is overwhelmed by an excess of about 2 million kilos of mangoes because of a dry spell in the region. That is about 10 million individual mangoes with the average mango weighing 200 grams, one-fifth of a kilo. [...] Source: