Community | People Who Read A Lot of Books Are Way Nicer, Kinder and Empathetic

Study has shown that book readers who read about fiction, drama and romance are nicer, empathetic and kinder.  [...] Source: People Who Read A Lot of Books Are Way Nicer, Kinder and Empathetic


School canteen in southern Negros goes ‘plastic-free’

BACOLOD CITY -- Mugs made of bamboo, bowls from coconut shells, and plates from banana leaves. These are the new utensils being used at the canteen of Bulata National High School (BNHS) in Cauayan, Negros Occidental as the school promotes a plastic-free culture in providing meals and snacks for its more than 400 students and teachers. [...]

Philippine Mythology | Aswang – Why Capiz? | aswang sa capiz totoo?

The explanation why Capiz is the suspected home of the aswang. From the documentary "The Aswang Phenomenon". Wala aswang sa Capiz. It's roots are due to X-Linked Dystonia Parkinsonism (XDP), Dystonia of Panay, lubag. A guy who is a self-proclaimed 'aswang' confessed to 'Magandang Gabi Bayan' and shared how he became one.

Philippine Mythology | BAKUNAWA: Moon Eating Dragon of the Philippines

BAKUNAWA: The Moon Eater (Documentary) CREATURES OF PHILIPPINE MYTHOLOGY: Episode Three During a lunar eclipse in the ancient Philippines, it was believed that a monstrous dragon, known as BAKUNAWA, was attempting to swallow the moon. Discover the origin of this giant serpent and how the colossal being evolved as both a god and demon throughout [...]

Philippine Mythology Documentary | TIKBALANG: The Horse Demon

CREATURES OF PHILIPPINE MYTHOLOGY: Episode One TIKBALANG: The Horse Demon In the Philippine forest is said to lurk a creature, part man, part horse known for its speed and mischievous nature. Some say it is a mythical spirit that guards the gateway to the Skyworld. Others believe it is a demon who is determined to [...]

Philippine Mythology Documentary | KAPRE: The Tree Dweller

CREATURES OF PHILIPPINE MYTHOLOGY: Episode Two KAPRE: The Tree Dweller If you notice the scent of tobacco in the Philippine jungle, see the glow of embers near a giant tree, or you feel the eyes of an 8 foot beast upon you while you sleep, it might just be the Kapre. What is perhaps the [...]

Culture | A History About The Ilocanos

HISTORY OF ILOCANOSThe Ilocanos are the third largest ethnolinguistic group in the Philippines. The term “Ilocano” was derived from the words “i-“ (from) and “looc” (cove or bay), which when combined means “People of the bay”. They were also referred to as Samtoy, which is a contraction of the phrase sao mi ditoy (this is [...]

Emerging Evidence that Epicatechin Improves Cognitive Function

Bioactive flavonoids include several subclasses, among them flavanols, a group of monomeric flavan-3-ols and their oligomeric or polymeric counterparts, procyanidins. Epicatechin and catechin are f […] Source: Emerging Evidence that Epicatechin Improves Cognitive Function

The Philippines Genocide 3 million Filipinos Killed by the USA

The most horrific event in Philippines history. The Philippines Genocide is the genocide history forgot, you will find in history books the Filipino-American War of 1899-1902 but they fail to mention the genocide carried out by the United States of America on the people of the Philippines.  [...] Source: The Philippines Genocide 3 million Filipinos [...]

The Amazon is a Man-Made Food Forest, Researchers Discover

Most of the edible plants in the rainforest were planted by humans over 4500 years ago, new study finds. Modern farmers should look to these ancient forest gardeners for the key to sustainable food production. Ancient humans were practicing a form of agriculture known as horticulture or permaculture in the […] Source: The Amazon is [...]