Health & Aging | Old people can produce as many new brain cells as teenagers | New Scientist

The discovery that healthy, older adults produce just as many new neurons as young people could provide clues to how to keep our brains sharper for longer  [...] Source: Old people can produce as many new brain cells as teenagers | New Scientist

Health | New Studies Show CBD is a Safe, Natural Treatment For Anxiety, Pain & Depression

They said it, I didn’t .... 🌱Reduced Risk of Diabetes and Obesity 🌱Better Cholesterol Profiles and Lowered Risk of Cardiovascular Disease 🌱Reduced Risk of Cancer 🌱 Helps Maintain Brain Health and Create Resilience to Trauma and Degeneration 🌱 Protects against Bone Disease and Broken Bones 🌱 Protects and Heals the Skin 🌱 Anti-inflammatory Benefits of [...]

Imelda Marcos Is Trying to Rewrite History—and Lauren Greenfield Has It All on Film

In ’The Kingmaker,’ the documentarian behind ’The Queen of Versailles’ captures the Philippines’ former first lady’s Trumpian reversal of fortune. Source:

Seattle’s keeper of Filipino American history is an 87-year-old volunteer, and replacing her may prove difficult

By  Erik Lacitis  Seattle Times staff reporter Working in three old Seattle classrooms filled with dozens of cardboard file boxes brimming with hundreds and hundreds of files, Dorothy Cordova, at 87, is the keeper of the Filipino stories. [...] Source:

Foodstyles | Here’s the Japanese cake spreading like wildfire on the internet – just wait until you see the 3 ingredients

There’s something about Japanese culture that has always fascinated me. Its strange dishes – different to most foods we eat in the west – is probably paramount in this respect. With this particular recipe for Japanese cheesecake, however, I was sceptical at first. Most of us will have eaten cheesecake before, sure, but this is something different … All in all, [...]

Study Shows Fasting For One Day Can Regenerate Your Stem Cells 

The fountain of youth doesn’t exist, but one simple change can help you look and feel better. A study published in Cell Stem Cell confirms that 24-hour fasting can regenerate the stem cells in your gut. In other words, you can reverse age-related loss of functionality. A group of researchers observed the effect of fasting [...]

Watermelon Hydrates, Detoxifies, And Cleanses The Entire Body On A Cellular Level 

Watermelons are incredibly delicious fruits, loaded with nutrients, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. This fruit, (botanical name Citrullus lanatus), grows on a vine on the ground and originates from hot countries in Africa. It also grows in Southern Europe, South America, the United States, and the Far East. Their consumption helps weight loss, as they are [...]

Davao farmer enters top 20 of International Cocoa Awards for Best Cacao Bean, by Luchi de Guzman, CNN Philippines

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, October 31) — Davao-based farmer Jose Saguban has made it to the top 20 for best cacao beans in the world competition of the International Cocoa Awards hosted in Paris France. [...] Source:

A Commentary on 2019 | “Of Densities, Group Philosophies, and The Endgame of Humanity”

October 30, 2019 The Philippine Islands Dear Sisters and Brothers, from all Shores in the 3rd and 4th Densities, There comes a point in the life of a spiritual Seeker when he/she contemplates joining a spiritual community. The individual spiritual quest can be a lonely road for most people, and oftentimes the conclusion is not [...]

Top Treatments and Natural Remedies for COPD 

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a major health concern in the U.S. This disease of the respiratory system causes restricted airflow and an abnormal inflammatory response, which can make something as simple as breathing extremely difficult. Source: Top Treatments and Natural Remedies for COPD - Healthversed

Benham Rise unveiled: Morphology and structure of an Eocene large igneous province in the West Philippine Basin, by Jenny Baretto

The Benham Rise is an oceanic large igneous province at the western margin of the Philippine Sea. It has an ocean island basalt geochemistry, a surface [...] Source: Benham Rise unveiled: Morphology and structure of an Eocene large igneous province in the West Philippine Basin

Scientists used IBM’s quantum computer to reverse time, possibly breaking a law of physics

The universe is getting messy. Like a glass shattering to pieces or a single wave crashing onto the shore, the universe’s messiness can only move in one direction – toward more chaos and disorder. But scientists think that, at least for a single electron or the simplest quantum computer, they may be able to turn [...]